Risk Management

Supply Chain Risk Management (SCRM) is at the core of Optivor's customer-focused mission. Through our policies and procedures, Optivor remains committed to helping our customers mitigate risk throughout the supply chain. By maintaining a comprehensive roster of suppliers, Optivor's relationships increase supply chain diversity, product availability, and shipping options. Our suppliers are qualified, approved, and reviewed annually for compliance with our ISO processes.

Our comprehensive approach ensures that policies and procedures are in place to facilitate information flow to help our customers make informed purchasing decisions. We have the expertise to identify, analyze, and mitigate risk to protect the information technology investments of our customers.

  • Optivor is a registered ISO 9001:2015 company with policies that require our vendors meet strict guidelines to become an approved supplier
  • Optivor’s Supplier Evaluation and Approval/Disapproval Process is a well-defined, documented, and repeatable process that includes supplier's quality certifications and Supply Chain Risk Management posture
  • Optivor monitors Government and Industry activities centered on Supply Chain Risk Management to make informed decisions
  • Optivor is an authorized product reseller that only uses authorized distribution to reduce the proliferation of counterfeit, tainted, unauthorized or substitute products